Dismeno 30 capsules



Introducing the all new and first of its kind, Dismeno.

You may experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms before menstruation and /or experience pain or cramps in your pelvic area during menstruation (Dysmenorrhea). Dysmenorrhea may be mild, moderate or severe.  Dismeno capsules may improve your quality of life by maintaining a positive balance over unpleasant symptoms caused by PMS and/or Dysmenorrhea.

Each Dismeno capsule contains DLBS1442, a bioactive extract derived from Phaleria macrocarpa.

Recommended dose

The dosage is one capsule three times per day. It is recommended to start taking Dismeno capsules 3 days before commencement of menstruation until 3 days thereafter.  It is also recommended that the patient should use Dismeno capsules for a minimum of three months and may continue on a monthly basis thereafter.

Additional information

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